Your home can drastically change your mood. Waking up and looking around a room that you love, is the best way to start the day. When we are surrounded by things that are aesthetically pleasing, we feel good. So, let’s talk about ways to make your spaces as positive as possible.

If you’re still in the renovation stage then think seriously about the colours being used for each room, what do YOU want to achieve when yourself and others are in this room. Do you want your living room to be a warm, inviting space where everyone is invited to snuggle down and watch a film? If so, then keep this in mind when choosing colours. Cosy rooms often have darker aspects to them, even if that is just a few dark cushions or a cosy fur throw. Lighter rooms with touches of pastels will make you feel calm and collected, and bright colours will subconsciously give you energy and excitement.

Once you have decided a purpose for each room, pick a scent that will reflect this. Smells are linked to emotions so you will be surprised how much a scent can lift a room. A key one can be lavender in your bedroom, a calming aromatherapy scent. The oils of the lavender plant are believed to reduce stress and promote wellness – what more do you want from a room intended to aid rest and recuperation! A cosy room may for example suit having dark, woodier scents such as amber. Have a shop around, trust your gut and don’t forget the amazing scents that don’t come in the shape of a candle or a diffuser.Whether its filling your sink with hot water and a capful of Lenor or spraying your work surfaces with Zoflora, scents come in a range of ways.

Most importantly, organisation is key to a positive and happy living space. Living in a cluttered, untidy space will leave your mind a reflection of this, making it harder to cope when you face a challenging day at work or something unexpectedcrops up. Make the effort to devote a few hours of your week to ensuring you make your bed in the morning, don’t leave your clean washing on ‘that chair’ instead of hanging in the wardrobe, put your skincare back where you found it and take pride in your living space. There is no better feeling than opening your wardrobe and seeing all of your clothes actually hung up and being able to find everything that you are looking for.

Organisation by room can vary, and this is something I will delve into deeper in my later blogs, but for now here are our top organisation essentials for you to get started in your home. There are so many out there so hopefully this narrows it down for you and offers efficient ideas that won’t break the bank.





Your home is where you live. A lot of time is spent here, so let’s make It a positive, safe haven. Love always, TEMO DESIGNS X

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