Let’s set the scene… You are on a mini break in the Cotswolds, you have had an indulgent massage and you head up to your room in your fluffy dressing gown, open the door and right in front of you is a king size bed with deluxe pillows and the thickest duvet you have ever seen. OK – is anyone else feeling tired now? Because we are! There is nothing better than that hotel bed feeling. But how do we achieve this feel whilst at home… This blog is about getting that hotel feel for your bed at home, because we all deserve it!

Sometimes, the bedroom can be the last place you want to invest your money when you move into a home, because typically no-one sees it and you are more bothered about the areas people will see. But your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the reason you go home at night, to rest and recuperate! So, when planning your budget bare this is mind, sit down and see what you can set aside for your bed. Pass on the expensive bedside tables and use this money to invest in your actual bed.

Firstly, foundations. Invest in a good mattress. You won’t get a 5-star hotel bed feel if your mattress isn’t up to scratch and it is also a crucial part of keeping your neck and back free of aches and pains. Orthopaedic mattresses provide full body support as it has a network of individual sprints which react to changing weight distributions. But memory foam is great for neck and spine alignment which provides the ultimate comfort. Online shopping is great for a lot of things, but for your mattress head into town and get trying them out.

Next, and something which is important to us here at TEMO is natural filled pillows, duvets and cushions. Feather filled pillows give a plump, fluffy feel which are great to snuggle up to. They conform to the shape of your neck and head meaning maximum comfort and finally they typically last longer than synthetic ones, usually for 10 years at the least. Companies such as sell just feather inners and we would seriously recommend!

Finally, finishing touches! Invest in your thread count, to achieve a softer touch to your sheets and give a better overall look. And get searching for some perfect accent cushions to finish the whole look off.

You can shop our perfect accent cushions below (duck down and all!)

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